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Entertainment at The Doublewide


​Welcome to your local bar where there is ALWAYS something going on!  Play the jukebox and trivia from your phone!  Invite the pals for a friendly turn at Tiki Toss, Bean Bags, or Pool.  Get the toes tapping at Open Mic Night on Thursdays and Karaoke, DJ, and LIVE MUSIC nights all month long.                                            
Check our Calendar page to see what's coming up!  
Karaoke & DJ Nights
There are multiple times a month when you can get your groove on!  Dance the night away or give those pipes a workout.  It's a night for you and yours to let loose!
Here are some Entertainers we showcase:
  • Absolut Powered Entertainment
  • Jimski Karaoke
  • Karaoke Dave
  • Speedo Entertainment/Karaoke

Select Friday nights, 9pm to close.  See Calendar for details.

Open Mic Night

We love that local bar feel where you want to hang out for a relaxed evening with great tunes...even better when the patrons themselves are at the Mic! 


Do you play the guitar?  Accordian?  Cello?  Tambourine?  We love fact the bar actually supplies a drumset and an electric guitar to help you rock out!! 


Bring a poetry line, a favorite joke, or even your kid's handwritten birthday card to you.    p.s.We'll help you celebrate!


Third Thursday of the month, 8pm to midnight

More Games

Check out our low-tech and high-tech games! 


  • Tiki Toss is an addictive ring toss that will really get those competative juices flowing. 

  • Pool, 'nuf said.  I just ran the table!

  • Big Buck Hunter & Video Bowling:  Let's get the tournaments started!

  • Bean Bags!  Get involved in our League night every Tuesday, or play on your own!


Available except during DJ/Karaoke/LIVE Band.

Live Bands

Now you have a great local venue for LIVE Music!  Every month we have live bands rocking the joint from our lounge area.  Come on down and join the fun!  


Check out bands we've had (or will be having soon) and plan your nite out with us!!  (follow links)


"Wasted Talent"

"Old Country Boys"

"Up South"

"Plain White Toast"                            

"Bob Wayne"

"The Charlie Sticha Band"


Select Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons.  See Calendar for details.


Stopping in when there aren't music events?  You set the mood!  Download the Touchtunes app and control the jukebox right from your seat!  Listen to your favorites or catch up on the new tunes just coming out.


Available unless another event pauses the system (DJ, LIVE Band, Karaoke, Open Mic, Announcements)

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